Goods preparation

Under normal circumstances, takes less than 3 days to get the watch ready.

Delivery method

We delivery the watches via international transport companies, normally via EMS, UPS,DHL.


Shipping fee

Our global free to send the watch


Our costumers do not need to worry about whether or not they can pass the custom successfully. We cooperate with DHL/EMS/UPS to help costumers finish custom procedures. So far, the Customs declaration percentage of our products has reached 100%.

Order Tracking

Tracking numbers of each shipping company will be sent via email when an order is shipped from our warehouse. You can track the shipment via the web and tracking information can also be obtained by contacting shipping company website, which will be provided specific by email.

Before shipping,we double check your fake watch,therefore you ll never have any problem about your fake watch.As soon as payment is done,we prepare ship your fake watch and messeage to fake watch's shipment number,So you can trace it in internet. As we use a special method in shipping, you absolutely do not pay any customs duty for fake watch.

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What is the our special method in shipping for fake watch? If you only bought a fake watch, we leave a note in the package.Writes the following on that note, this is a gift watch and look forward to your coming on holiday to Turkey again.Customs are very crowded places. Tens of thousands of packages come and go per day.As you can imagine, it is impossible to open and look at them.Well, how is it controlled? Have you ever researched? Packages coming to customs are separated according to the countries of origin.Then the strikingly heavy or big ones go to examine.Turkey is a reliable country for large packages can not even examined from Turkey.We send all our replica watches from Antalya, a trustic city.With this method, any of our customers have not paid customs tax until now.

About 3 months ago, my customer in the US who has bought a fake watch from me for a while. He sent me 7 replica watches that were broken, some of them original.He asked me to repair his watches because watch repairs in America cost a lot of money.We repaired all of his watches, packaged them carefully and sent them back to America.In the package, we wrote the note that these replica watches are repaired.As soon as he got his replica watches, he called us and thanked.Thus, we decided to open a fake watch repair service for our customers abroad.Because our cargo system is fast and very safe.No matter which brand your watch is, send it to us and we will repair it at a very good price.Of course, an important point that we will pay attention to here is that one fake watch repair fee is more expensive than the shipping fee.That's why we accept more than one of your replica watches for repair.If you have more than one fake watch you want to have repaired, BRANDWATCHSS@HOTMAIL.COMcontact us

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